Shallen Bonner

Co Vice President & Event Organizer

Brief info

I am a caring person, and I love helping and doing for other people. My family stands behind me and is always willing to help when I ask. My mother (Debra, My Queen), my husband, Arthur, my brother, Anthony, and two sisters, Constance, Sharla, and other family members, are always willing to help when I ask them—Elijah, Sha'Kae, and Zay when I need them too!

After the November event, my family and I and the team began following Bama from place to place, putting smiles on people's faces. By December 2020, the team had expanded; everyone showed each other so much love. Thanks to Bama, it was a hectic month, but it was fun. We had blessed so many people and their families by Christmas, which blessed us even more.

Going into January 2022, we decided to change the name to Team Bama, and even now, our family continues to grow. Jay is an extraordinary leader with a brilliant mind and a big heart; who wouldn't want to follow a heart like that? I will forever and always love Team Bama.

In the summer of 2020, I reached out to Bama to attend a school's curbside event in character. He came as JJ from Cocomelon and made the occasion super fun! Watching him do his thing made my heart so happy; I knew then I wanted to connect with him. I started following him on social media, then attended a team meeting and witnessed his passion for helping people. I fell in love with that. We got to know each other better during the following few meetings and started team-building while planning a big event in November. That's when we came up with the name Team Grinch.

Faith, Love, and Family. A family that prays together stays together.