Marcey Kitts

Co-Vice President & Booking Manager

Brief info

My name is Marcey Kitts. My family and I had lived in Lubbock for almost nine years. We always stayed to ourselves and didn't go out much. In December 2021, I was headed to Walmart to grab a couple of items. When I turned into the parking lot, there stood Team Grinch. Because I knew that was my daughter's favorite Christmas movie, I started to video chat and told my husband to bring her up to Walmart ASAP!! While trying to video chat, the craziest thing happened. The Grinch (Bama) and little Grinchy opened my car door and sat in my car!! All I could do was laugh!! As soon as they did, Shallen Bonner (Event Organizer) took my phone, told my family to come to the store, disconnected the call, and took pictures!

All I felt and knew was that whoever this team was, they were AWESOME!! My daughter got out of her dad’s truck in sheer disbelief and began to take pictures while The Grinch and his team smiled and took pictures with her. At that moment, for the first time in years, I smiled from the inside out. The three of us went into the store, got some gifts for Team Grinch, and returned. Shallen looked at Lilly and felt she’d be a perfect fit for the team. Because I’m VERY overprotective, I was hesitant. But looking at them, it was almost like God telling me, “It’s okay. She’ll be in great hands.”

That same day, we got her the first costume that would turn into many. That night I watched my little girl come out of her shell. Her dad and I watched her dance, smile, and laugh. That was when I knew that we NEEDED to be a part of this fantastic team. Since then, we’ve been with the now named Team Bama. The best part that I loved was the helping. We were doing something for the community instead of 1 or 2 people. I learned how to give back genuinely, how to love, and how to let others know we are here if you need us.

In 2022, Team Bama came up with the best slogan that we all stand by, “Family gets it done one smile at a time.” And that’s exactly what Team Bama is. A family. We don’t judge; we don’t look down on anyone. We help build, restore, and bring faith back into the community.