Debra Dixon

Communications Manager

Brief info

My name is Debra. I have three kids, nine grandkids, and four great-grandkids. My greatest love is God, and my passion is serving people. When I met Bama, I felt like he was one of my kids, so I started following him as the Grinch in October 2020. The name Team Grinch was born with five members, so I joined in November 2021.

I love being a part of this team; I love the smiles and love it brings to kids and some adults. In 2022 the team decided to do a name change from Team Grinch because it had gotten so big. We all decided to change the Name to Team Bama in January of 2022. we now have 20 active members.

Bama gave me an assignment, and with that assignment came the title of communications and research manager. I love what I do, love the work, and honestly believe that “Family gets it done one smile at a time.”