Team Bama shows support in Uvalde

I want to thank the community of Lubbock and everyone who donated to our trip to Uvalde. Thank you to Victor Gonzalez for the invitation, his family’s hospitality, and for treating us like family. And a very special thank you to our team members who helped make this trip possible.

It’s crazy the way things work out.

While in Uvalde, a teacher from Robb Elementary School approached us with tears in her eyes. She told us that she was the costume design teacher. The kids were rehearsing for their performance of Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately, they had to cancel the play because half of the kids that were going to be in it were victims of the shooting. She thanked us for coming and doing the rose ceremony with The Beast. She said that it shows the kids that they did get their Beast after all.

We hope we brought Uvalde a little bit of happiness. May God be with you all during this hard time.

Family gets it done one smile at a time!

Watch the KCBD news report video here:

Photos from the day

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