Family gets it done, one smile at a time!

Family gets it done, one smile at a time!

Family gets it done, one smile at a time!



Thanks, Lubbock for making 2022 such a success for Team Bama! 

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The West Texas Grinch, and so much more!

Characters with a purpose.

Our purpose is to bring smiles to faces regardless of the situation. No matter what problem you may have in your life, sometimes someone making you smile makes you forget all about it, at least for a brief second.

When we come to birthday parties, our objective is to make the kids smile and give them a chance to see that fairytale character they know from TV; we want to bring it to life!

When the Beast comes out to provide you with a single rose representing a loved one you have lost, he holds it upsidedown and plays a song dedicated to you. Once this song has ended, he turns it right-side-up and places it on your heart where the memories should last forever.

These are the type of interactions you can expect from Team Bama. No matter the occasion or the character, we guarantee there will be smiles, laughter, and maybe even a little magic.

Welcome to TEAM BAMA, where:

Family gets it done one smile at a time.
Birthdays, Quinceañeras, & more!
Fundraisers, School & Daycare Events
Graduation, Retirement Parties
Photos Shoots!

All proceeds and donations received go to charities in our community.

Over $5000 raised and given to

Needy Families

Our Characters

SpongeBob Squarepants, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spider-Man, JJ from Cocomelon, Beauty and the Beast, Black Panther, Cinderella, Batman, Bugs Bunny (Space Jam), The Grinch (seasonal).

Our family of characters is growing. Check back for updates!

You and your staff have definitely been a blessing to our family! You just don’t know what you have done to my grandson’s spirit and the motivation he has just by all the support he has been given! He said his prom nite was epic and he has you to thank for that! He said all his classmate was talking about how he was escorted to the prom and then won the Prom King Crown, oh what a nite!!! ??

Sarah M.

Team Bama came as the Grinch for Christmas and the Easter Bunny & Peeps Bunny this Spring. You have no idea how this made our senior citizens feel! Some were so happy they even cried, giving them a tight hug. After they left, they were the talk at the dining table. A team like this is a Godsend. Keep doing the good work, putting smiles on people’s faces. We hope to see you on many more occasions!

Wedgewood South

My family sadly lost my grandmother on Valentine’s Day to cancer. While it’s been hard on everyone, it’s been especially rough for my mom. She is my grandmother’s only daughter. She doesn’t smile these days very much, so the family was excited to have Team Bama surprise her on Mother’s Day. The serenade, flowers, words of encouragement… everything was so sweet and beautiful! LOTS of happy tears were shed! We are so grateful and appreciative for Team Bama taking time out of their busy schedules to spread joy and happiness in the lives of others. Thank you, Team Bama, for brightening my mom’s day and bringing back her smile.

Bobbie C.

I appreciate Bama for coming through for my family in their time of need. He was able to come and provide comfort to the family and it was phenomenal. Truly a blessing to my family as well as others. Keep allowing God to use you for greatness!!!! Thanks ???”

LaDawn J.

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Since the West Texas Grinch made his mark on Lubbock in 2020 Team Bama has expanded. Learn more about how it all started…